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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Home Weather Stations

Home weather stations are becoming increasingly popular with the release of affordable entry level models.

It is possible to get a wireless weather station including rain and wind gauges for under AUD$200 if you shop around.

For under AUD$400 it is possible to get a weather station with a computer interface so that data can be uploaded for analysis.

Whilst these weather stations are jammed packed with features there are a few things to be cautious about:

- the stations are very sensitive and rely on accurate and precise installation
- the wireless transmission can be affected by interference from other objects and electrical items so it is wise to test the station in various positions before securing it
- most advertise a wind chill factor on their display sensors but this will not register a reading in warmer clients where temperatures do not approach zero
On a positive not they are an excellent way for keeping an eye on local rainfall, humidity, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.
They are great for the gardener, farmer, weather enthusiast, students and the like!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

eBay Gadgets

It's not what you think!

There are many 'gadgets' that can make eBay buying and selling more profitable. Some of these 'gadgets' can even help to generate an
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Dynamo Powered Torches

Wikipedia provides a definition of .

Simply - you turn the handle to charge the torch.

No batteries needed!

Dynamo LED Torch under AUD$25

Versions of
dynamo powered torches and radios are appearing everywhere at the moment.

They are great for that emergency use or for when batteries and/or electricity is not readily available. There is a huge potential for applications in countries without regular electricity and disasters zones.

Some of these torches even have the ability to charge mobile phones.

dynamo LED torch is particularly good for children. It is easy for a child to use as they simply wind it up. Imagine the cost savings on batteries!

iPod Audio Visual (AV) Cable

iPods with Video Screens can connect to a TV!

I am surprised that this cable is not included when you purchase a compatible iPod (any that support the photo feature).

Plug your iPod into the TV and watch your own slideshow.

Great for showing a group of friends your latest snapshots!

This handy cable even includes audio leads - have a slideshow with background music.

Believe it or not Apple charge approx AUD $30 for this cable.

Generic AV Cables can be found for under AUD $20!

Friday, March 10, 2006

eBay Selling Tool

A great new marketing tool for your eBay listings is appearing through cyberspace!

It sends buyers to your eBay listings


makes money!

It's called:

- send buyers directly to your ebay store or listings

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Types of iPod Accessories

So what type of generic iPod accessories are available?

Apple Australia website includes an online store with all the genuine iPod accessories - at genuine prices!


Generic versions of many of these accessories are readily available eg:

What are they for? Are they worth buying?
What is the quality like?

Stay tuned...

Talking Language Translators

Travelling Overseas?

Learning a Language?

Language translators are no longer just unfamilar text on a screen.

There are many models available now that will speak the displayed text.


  • A native speaker can listen to the translator rather than you stumbling over pronunciation.
  • Hear correct pronunciation when learning a language.
  • Language is spoken at normal speed.
  • These translators are designed with travellers in mind. Each language is arranged into travel related categories.

Some include additional features like currency converters and alarm clocks.

Cheaper ones may require the purchase of additional voice cards in the required languages to activate the talking feature.

Others come with all the talking languages included.

There are talking translators available for both European and Asian languages.

Generic iPod Accessories

Would you use them?

Few gadgets have been as successful as the Apple iPod. They seem to be everywhere these days. The iPod is able to constantly reinvent itself by adopting new names, shapes and features.

So, you finally spend the money on an iPod!

Then you decide a car charger for the iPod might be useful or maybe a set of portable speakers. It is then you see the price of Apple Accessories.

Genuine iPod accessories can be expensive!


Generic iPod accessories are reasonably priced.

Some people worry about buying generic accessories (not Apple brand) because they think the quality will be poor.

It is not always the case and if you do your homework high quality generic iPod accessories are available at very competitive prices.

One of the drawbacks is that the generic accessories are not always able to keep up with every new iPod release.

So, if you've bought the latest and greatest release you may have to wait a bit before the more affordable generic accessories are available.